Simple, anonymous and secure

TOGO SAFE is a mobile application designed by the Togolese Government to help monitor the spread of the pandemic in Togo. The app facilitates tracing of close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases by helping the local health authority to quickly notify users who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

TOGO SAFE is a public health tool designed to contribute to Togo’s enhanced approach to containing the spread of COVID-19 by:

  1. tracing individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19,
  2. contacting, testing and isolating these individuals quickly before others can be infected,
  3. monitoring the spread of the pandemic across the country and,
  4. using digital geolocation to enhance monitoring of quarantine compliance.


How to download the app


Install TOGO SAFE on your phone by searching “TOGO SAFE” in the app store. If you use an iPhone, use the Apple App Store, on Android, go to the Play Store.

How to activate TOGO SAFE


Activate TOGO SAFE by entering your mobile phone number and verifying with the one-time code sent to you by SMS. 

If you already reside in Togo and have not recently arrived in the country, that’s all there is to it! 

For inbound travellers

If you are an inbound traveller who just arrived in Togo, you must enter the same mobile number used to register on https://voyage.gouv.tg

TOGO SAFE detects your profile and prompts you to enter additional information needed to monitor your compliance to quarantine at your place of residence while waiting for your test results. 

You will be able to activate the app with a local Togolese number (highly recommended).

It is mandatory for all travellers arriving in Togo to install and activate TOGO SAFE and have it installed for the entire duration of stay. Legal residents of Togo must keep the app installed for at least 30 days.

To facilitate activation, you can get a free local SIM card at the airport, if you don’t have one. Just show your proof of PCR test payment at the telecom operator booth in the baggage claim hall at Lomé Airport.

Overview of TOGO SAFE features


How TOGO SAFE enables community-based contact tracing in Togo

TOGO SAFE combines your device’s Bluetooth and GPS to enable two critical features for community-based contact tracing in Togo:

  1. Enhanced contact tracing functionalities and
  2. Monitoring quarantine compliance

Contact tracing

Once TOGO SAFE is activated, contact tracing abilities begin to function. (See how to activate)

When phones with TOGO SAFE installed are nearby one another, they exchange anonymised reference IDs through Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) signals. TOGO SAFE records anonymised reference IDs everytime this exchange occurs and stores it securely.

If anyone who has been near you tests positive for COVID-19, health authorities can easily identify and alert you of being high risk of exposure. You can then quickly self-isolate, see your doctor or get tested.

Should you test positive for coronavirus, TOGO SAFE handshake data allows contact tracers to notify people who have come into close contact with you, even people you don’t know and long before you developed symptoms.

Your identity is never shared and you remain anonymous but you can rest assured that by using TOGO SAFE you are helping to save lives.

Quarantine compliance monitoring of inbound travellers

TOGO SAFE is another way the Government can be tough on coronavirus, but gentle on your life.

For inbound travellers, installing TOGO SAFE allows the Government to give you the added comfort of being a little closer to the ones you care about while you self-isolate either to wait for test results or while you recover from coronavirus.

It is mandatory for all inbound travellers to download and set up TOGO SAFE on arrival in Lomé. Failure to comply will leave health workers with no choice but to place you under quarantine in a government-provided containment facility. You bear all costs associated with this.

Within 6 hours of activating the app, TOGO SAFE will prompt you to confirm your place of quarantine. Tap “Confirm” when you reach your place of residence to define where you will self-isolate.

TOGO SAFE uses your device’s location functions to ensure that you are self-isolating where you should, as you should. It is another way for health workers and security personnel to make sure that people around you are protected.

Do not leave your place of quarantine or uninstall the app during the period. If any breach of quarantine is detected, health workers will have no choice but to place you under strict quarantine in a government containment facility at your expense, and you could face a fine!

QR check

Security agents can ask you to show the TOGO SAFE QR code to check if your quarantine violation status. From the sidebar, tap “Show my QR code” to show the QR code to the security officer.

Immigration officials may ask you to show this QR code at departure from Togo to make sure you have followed all obligations pertaining to TOGO SAFE.

Additional features

Nearby cases: For the general public, TOGO SAFE uses GPS data to enable the “Nearby cases” feature which is an informational tool that allows you to view in real-time, the number of COVID-19 cases (positive/quarantined/high risk) are within your current location. This gives you the information you need to stay vigilant, even as you go about your daily business.

Self-Assessment: Apart from the standard contact tracing features of the app, users of TOGO SAFE can take a self-assessment within the app to get relevant advice based on their situation. NOTE: This does not replace a medical diagnosis. If you have symptoms see a doctor and get tested!

Health advice and toll-free helplines: The app also provides practical guidelines that users can follow to protect themselves, their loved ones, and others. Furthermore, TOGO SAFE providers users a directory of toll-free numbers for COVID-19 related assistance.